Karachi City Cricket Association solicits the co-operation and support of its PCB cleared clubs affiliated and permitted clubs to follow the under-mentioned instructions in order to provide a rich brand of competitive cricket in a systematic manner.

1. All the old unfinished Tournaments should be completed by December 31, 2014 failing which the permission of such Tournaments shall stand withdrawn.

2. The proper season will start from July 01, 2014, preferably with the start and completion of KCCA Official Tournaments in first 3 months. Each Zone shall organize at least one Zonal League and one knock-out Tournament during every calendar year.

3. KCCA may organize two Tournaments centrally each year (one knock-out and one Senior League) on turf pitches as far as possible in addition to the following tournaments if any PCB tournaments date does not clash. KCCA will provide Winner, Runner Trophy of two official tournaments each year after the completion of the tournaments at the time of Prize Distribution ceremony to each Zone. The Senior League will be completed by 14 teams i.e. two finalists of each Zonal “A” Division League comprises of two groups, One group consist of Winner team of each Zone while the other group consist of runner up team of each Zone. The knock-out Tournament to be named as KCCA PRESIDENT CUP CRICKET TOURNAMENT shall be completed by 28 teams i.e. the four semi finalists of the each Zone. The Quarter and Semi Finals may be of two-day while the final may be of three-day duration depending upon the availability of grounds. In addition, KCCA will organize KCCA Junior’s Trophy on turf pitch to be completed by 28 teams i.e. the four semi-finalist of each Zonal ‘B’ Division League. KCCA will also organize two tournaments for registered departments with KCCA one knock-out and other is KCCA Inter Firms League basis.

4. The other tournaments which will be organized by the KCCA are. U-15, U-17, U-19 and Pantangular tournament. Any tournament organized by KCCA or PCB there will be fitness test of every cricketer for the selection of the 20 players squad, 1 Month before the start of the said tournament.

5. Permitted Tournaments: There shall be a restriction on the number of entries in privately organized Tournaments so that they may be completed within the stipulated 2 months period. No departmental team shall be entered in a club level Tournament except when especially permitted by the KCCA Council. Further, in order to encourage club cricket, the departments shall release their players to assist and play for their respective private clubs in authorized Tournaments, even if a department is playing a friendly fixture, on same day. Festival Tournaments may be organized for a duration of maximum 20 overs and only to celebrate the National days. The Tournament Committee of KCCA must be informed in advance through the respected Zones of such fixtures. Teams are liable to disciplinary action if they participate in unauthorized Festival Tournaments of unlimited duration.

6. KCCA Tournament Committee will henceforth grant permission to only PCB cleared Clubs of holding Tournaments at Karachi level only. PCB cleared club desirous of holding all Karachi Tournaments should apply to the Tournament Committee on the prescribed form through their Zones at least one month before the proposed date of commencement of their Tournament alongwith the Tournament Permission Fee in cash according to the following rates:

a) All Karachi Tournaments Rs.4,000/- for entries upto 40 teams, Rs.3,500/- for entries upto 32 teams, refundable if the Tournament is completed within the time given in all respects, otherwise the tournament permission fee will be forfeited.

b) Previous tariff of Umpires payment approved in the Council was held on 11th July,  2011.The Corrected tariff of old & new is as under.


c) Zonal Level Tournaments Rs.2,000/- for entries upto 24 teams Rs.5000/- for entries upto 32 teams for enteries up to 40 teams Rs. 7000/-. Permission for Zonal Tournaments will be granted by the respective Zones, under intimation of KCCA Tournament Committee.

d) Permission fee for Inter Department Knock-out Tournaments to be organized by Departments only will be Rs.15,000/-. No Departmental/Club can organize league Tournament.

e) For Tournaments sponsored by commercial organization, additional payment of Rs.5,000/- for Karachi level and Rs.3,000/- for Zonal level Tournaments have to be paid to KCCA or Zone respectively along with the application. The accounts of such sponsored Tournaments will have to be submitted to KCCA after the conclusion of the Tournament through the respective Zone.

7. PCB cleared clubs have to subbmint a fresh application after fulfilling the above conditions, if they wish to hold their Tournament again in the remaining period of registration.

8. Permission for holding Tournaments on All Karachi basis shall be granted to the PCB cleared clubs only. Each Zone can organize one Zonal and one All Karachi Tournament during a calendar year. No private/affiliated club can organize a Departmental Tournament or any Tournament on league basis.

9. Permission to PCB cleared clubs to organize Karachi level Tournaments may be granted to those clubs who have organized at least one zone-level Tournament without any irregularity in the past.

10. There shall be no restriction on participation of organizing club in their All Karachi or Zonal Tournaments organized by them.

11. The draws of the Zonal Tournaments shall be taken out in the respective Zonal Offices in the presence of the representatives of the participating teams or nominees of Clubs. The draws of the Karachi level Tournament will be opened at the KCCA Office likewise.

12. The rules of the privately organized Tournaments shall be in conformity with the KCCA Tournaments Rules. Copies of the Rules and draws of the Tournament should be deposited with the KCCA Tournament Committee in duplicate immediately when available but in any case before the start of such Tournament. KCCA Tournament Committee shall have powers to consider any appeal from the participating teams on any irregularity.

13. The Organizing Clubs should endeavor to hold their Karachi level Tournaments on turf wickets as far as possible. In addition, the duration of the final of Karachi Tournaments be made for two to three days and Zonal level Tournaments from one to two days on turf pitches, as far as possible. Participating teams offering turf wickets at their own expenses for their earlier matches should also be encouraged. The Organizing Clubs should submit the photo copies of the score sheets of all the matches of their Tournament to KCCA along with Tournament account within 15 days of the completion of the Tournament. The score sheets will enable the outstanding players to get due consideration for KCCA Selection Committee to facilitate their selection in various Karachi teams.

14. While fixing matches, preference shall be given to the schedule and program of official Tournaments.

15. In order to discourage holding of unauthorized Tournaments, the entry form of each privately organized Tournament may be stamped by respective Zones before distribution. This will be the responsibility of each participating club to ensure that they are filling the Entry Form which have been duly stamped by the respective Zone to confirm the validity of Tournament.

16. a) Restriction of number of participating teams in Tournament organized by clubs:-

i) Karachi level    32/40

ii) Sindh level    48 (Local 40, Rest of Sindh 8).

iii) All Pakistan level   48 (Local 40, Rest of Pakistan 8).


Restriction for Players below the age of 19 years, will not be allowed to participate in any cricket tournament for less than 30 overs.

Note: Applications for All Sindh / All Pakistan Tournaments from clubs should be channelled through Zone to KCCA. Local organizing Clubs shall have to obey KCCA Tournament Rules.

b) Umpires in the privately organized Tournaments at All Karachi basis shall be appointed by KCCA Umpiring Committee. Similarly in Zonal basis Tournament,  KCCA umpirs shall be appointed from semi final stage. Zones should form Zonal Cricket Umpires Association which should be affiliated with KCCA Umpiring Committee, so that qualified Umpires may be available locally (Zonal level) for such Tournament.

17. Clubs are advised to show the Players Identity Cards of their players in their matches on demand to avoid dispute/protests. In case of a protest, both teams shall have to deposit the Identity Cards of their players within 24 hours of the finish of the match for scrutiny.

18. Checking of Identity Cards, etc. shall be the responsibility of the Tournament Committee. To ensure timely start of matches, representative of the respective Tournament Committees must be present at each venue of the Tournaments. The Tournament Committees shall also ensure that suitable arrangement of shelter and drinking water be made at the venue of the matches for the participating teams and Umpires.

19. It is also clarified that any PCB cleared club or its authorized office bearer who starts a Tournament either at Zonal or Central level, shall not be eligible to apply for permission to hold a fresh Tournament unless the previous Tournament along with the Prize Distribution has been completed. It has been noticed that certain individuals manipulate the permission to hold Tournaments through other clubs while they have not completed their own Tournament. These Rules shall also hold good for such individuals who shall be forbidden to associate with any other Tournament. The Tournament Committee may blacklist such individuals for any stated period from holding any Tournament if they continue to violate this Rule.

20. KCCA, will discourage holding of Tournament during the Holy month of Ramzan as far as possible, to uphold the sanctity of Ramzan. However, if any PCB cleared club is keen to hold any competition during this month, it has to apply to the Association through its Zone alongwith Rs.10,000/- for Zonal and Rs.15,000/- for All Karachi, as fee. The KCCA Tournament Committee after due scrutiny may issue NOC. In all such events, to be declared as Ramzan Festival, the conditions of Registration of Players Rules may not apply, so that the registered players of the participating clubs who are fasting, may not be forced to play and they may be substituted by the guest players, willing to play in this month. In any case, such guest players shall not be registered players of a Club already participating in the said Ramzan Festival. Such Ramzan Festivals will have to be completed during Ramzan only, failing which the Organizing Clubs shall be liable to disciplinary action.

21. All the Tournament Rules and instruction will also apply strictly to Floodlit Tournaments organized by PCB cleared clubs and departments at Zonal or All Karachi level.