All affiliated/permitted clubs and Departments/Firms of Karachi City Cricket Association are hereby notified that fresh registration of players for a fresh two years term shall be effective from 1st July, 2014. The registration of players shall be done centrally by the Association.
Players are free to get themselves registered for any Club or continue their registration for the same club for the fresh two years term i.e. 1st July 2014 to 30th June, 2016.
Applications for Registration for Players are, therefore, invited from PCB cleared, affiliated and permitted Clubs/Departments/Firms of the Association on the prescribed forms to reach the undersigned through the respective Zonal Secretaries by 25th June, 2014.
The under-mentioned Rules shall apply.



a) A player qualified for registration for a private club (affiliated or permitted) must have permanent domicile or born or should have completed six months residence in the jurisdiction of the Association prior to registration/transfer. Consequently, players residing outside territorial jurisdiction of the Association, who are also playing for other Associations in the National Tournaments, shall not be eligible for registration for any club.

b) To qualify to register for a Department/Firm, the player must be its bonafide or contracted employee and posted at Karachi for at least one month.

2. (a) The names, father’s names and signatures of at least 16 players and maximum of 20 players of each club on the prescribed Form “A” in duplicate along with three 35mm size photographs of each player should be submitted before 25th June, 2014 at the KCCA Office through the respective zonal Secretaries. No Registration of Players Form shall be accepted after the given date and only the Executive Council of the Association shall be competent to consider such case of defaulting clubs, if any. The Council may impose any other penalty or waive the same, as it may deem proper, on reviewing the actual reasons of late submission.

(b) Registration of additional players for clubs will be done at any time during the year through application on Form “B”.

(c) For Department: Additional player / Players registration on Form “B” can be allowed any time during the registration period except during the tournament started, will not be allowed (from Sr.# 21-25 @Rs.500/-, Sr. # 26-31 @ Rs.1,000/- and onward @ Rs.2,000/- Per Player).

3. a) Players may be registered for only one private club in addition to one Institution, Department or Firm where the player is a bonafide or contracted employee.

b. If a player has got himself registered for more than one private club by signing for two clubs/departments on form “A”, he is liable to disciplinary action by the Registration Sub Committee.The President, Secretaries of Clubs should also be careful and take original signature of only those players in the Registration Form who are willing and keen to play for them for the two years period. In case of any manipulation/forgery of signature of any player detected by KCCA at any stage, the player as well as the club/Department or its officials shall also be liable to disciplinary action and monetary fine.

c. No substitution in Form “A” may be allowed if a player signs for more than one club. Such serial No. shall remain blank for the entire term.

d. A player is deemed to have been registered provisionally for the club/department that he signs in the Registration Form “A”. However, his registration shall be confirmed after his participation in any of the Tournaments organized by KCCA or its Zone.

e. A registered player of any club who played more than two clubs in any tournaments organized by zone or KCCA, he is liable for punishment i.e one year ban imposed by KCCA registration committee.

4. If a player plays for any other club illegally in any KCCA organized or permitted Tournament, he shall automatically forfeit his right to play even for his original club for which he was registered. KCCA will take action against him and may ask him to wait without playing for any club until the date of transfers or fresh registration (whichever is earlier) for regularization.

5. If a registered player participates for any club/department in a Tournament not permitted or authorized by the Association, he shall forego his registration and stand disqualified to play for any club/department unless the Executive Council allows him otherwise.

6. The registration of a player cannot be revoked except when a club/department voluntarily declares itself dead and defunct or its affiliation/permission is withdrawn by the Association for any reason. Such players shall be free to get themselves registered for any other club during the period as defined in the above Rule 2(b).

7. In case of death or permanent physical disability of a player, substitute may be allowed to a Club at the same serial number any time during the year. No substitute shall be allowed in case of his transfer of residence as employment from Karachi to elsewhere.

8. The Committee or the Zones shall not entertain applications from affiliated clubs to change their Zones. The KCCA Council shall be the only authority in this matter, which may impose any transfer of club fee as may deem proper.

9. It shall be the responsibility of the teams and their registered players to collect their Players Identity Cards from the respective Zonal Offices by 1st January, 2015 failing which the cards will be deposited back in the KCCA Office and forfeited. Such players may not be eligible to play for that club or allowed fresh registration for any other club except during the transfer period after paying the usual transfer fees.

10.An individual shall not hold the post of president or secretary for more than one club. The Sports Officer of a Department / Firm/ Institution must be a bonafide/contracted employee of that Department/Firm/Institution. Obviously, no individual can hold the post of a Sports Officer of more than one Department/Firm/Institution.

11.The Committee or the Zones may forward applications from affiliated clubs to change their Zones along with a Transfer of Club Fee of Rs: 30,000/=.The KCCA Council shall be authority to give its approval or otherwise, in this matter, who may refund the Transfer of club Fee if the Transfer is not approved.

Same rules for the registration of players may apply to the Department/Firm teams. However, the Department/Firm teams should submit a certificate on their official letter Heads signed by the Head of the Department or appointing authority, stating that all the players who have signed on Form “A” (or subsequent addition on Form “B”) are their bona fide or contracted employees, They may be registered for their Department at any time during the year, but in any case one week before a match. If a player registered with KCCA for any Department, the above player shall forfeit his right to play for his original department. Those player playing from any other department not affiliated with KCCA and playing National Tournament will not be allowed to play in KCCA Tournaments for any of its departments during the season. The private institution/Firms shall also submit certificate or enlistment from Chamber of Commerce & Industries and a copy of certificate of Registration form Companies Registrar.

12. According to KCCA constitution, defined in 21(c), no active player, participating in representative matches, shall be eligible for election to the Council or hold office in any Zone.


i) The transfer of players from one club to another may be allowed after 30th June, 2015. The players seeking transfer shall have to apply to KCCA Registration SubCommittee on the prescribed Transfer Form (“T”) between 15th June, 2015 to 30th June, 2015 duly filled in and signed by all authorized persons and accompanied by a Transfer fees of Rs. 5,000/- per player in Cash along with N.O.C. No club shall be allowed to secure transfer of more than 5 players at a time. KCCA Registration Subcommittee may grant applied transfer after due scrutiny and instruct the concerned Zone accordingly. However, such players can play one week after grant of such registration.

ii) Transfer of player shall be different from fresh registration of players at the start of the season. A player registered and eligible to play for a particular club, may play for the old club in the unfinished tournament at a later date also after expiry of 2 years registration, even if he has got himself registered for another club, provided that he had not forfeited his registration of the old club by securing transfer from the old club.

iii) Transferred player shall forfeit his right to play for his former club in any unfinished Tournament nor shall be eligible to play for his new club in the same tournament if he had already played in any match of that tournament for his former club before securing transfer.

iv) A transferred player, who had already played in any match of KCCA Zonal league/knockout tournament for his former club, shall not be eligible to play the KCCA Zonal League/knockout Tournament for his new club in the new Zone in the same year.

v) Normally, the Secretary of the club will sign N.O.C. and in his absence, the club President may also sign the N.O.C. However, in case the President/Secretary of a club refuses to grant N.O.C. to a player for release, during the transfer period valid reasons are to be recorded for such refusal, to the satisfaction of Registration Committee. A claim by a club refusing N.O.C. on the plea that the player was a defaulter of the club, shall not be entertained until such complaint is received by Registration SubCommittee at least 3 months prior to the prescribed dates of transfer of players. KCCA Registration Sub Committee shall be empowered to decide such cases on merit, after hearing the player and the club concerned.

vi) Mere submission of Transfer of Player form does not mean that transfer has been granted and the player may play for his new club immediately. The transfer will be effective from 1st July, 2015 after completion of all formalities and accord of due permission by the KCCA Registration Sub Committee and issue of the new identity card.

vii) If the KCCA Registration Sub Committee rejects an application of transfer of a player from one club to another, and the player is not satisfied with such a decision, he shall be allowed to appeal to the KCCA President/Executive Council for review, whose decision shall be final and binding on all concerned. The same will apply to a club not satisfied with the decision of the Registration Sub-Committee.

viii) The club losing a player/players due to the above transfers, may enroll fresh player/players at Form ‘B” (not registered for any club earlier) who will be awarded the same serial number vacated by the transferred player, within 15 days of the grant of transfer.

ix) If the registration of a player has become defective/ineligible during 2014-2016 for any infringement, intentionally or unintentionally he has to get his registration regularized to play for one club. In such cases no N.O.C. shall be required. The applications for regularization should be submitted between June 15 to June 30, 2015 to the Association through the respective Zones after which no application for such regularization will be entertained.


If a player resigns from one Department and the same is accepted he may not be eligible to join or play for another Department until he obtains a proper transfer on Form-T along with the relieving letter of the previous Department and appointment letter of the new Department along with transfer of Rs.5,000/- on the following dates and transfer for any time is Rs.10,000/- 15th June to 30th June, 2015 and 15th December to 31st December, 2015

15. The Registration Sub Committee shall be empowered to add, amend or remove any ambiguity in the above Rules and give their interpretation while the Executive Council of the Association shall be appellate body, in case of any dispute.