1. The Tournaments shall be open to all the PCB cleared clubs, Affiliated Clubs of KCCA or as permitted by the KCCA or by invitations as the case may be.

2. The Tournaments will be conducted by KCCA Tournament Committee /or each Zone, as the case may be.

3. The prescribed entry fee shall be paid by each team in advance of each Tournament/league. The respective Tournament Secretary may intimate the last date of submission of entries through letter or press.


4. a) Players registered for their respective clubs as per prescribed Registration of Players Rules shall be eligible to participate. Only bonafide employees, who are already registered as per rules, shall be eligible to play for the respective departmental teams.

b) Both the Captains will have to submit the full names and signatures of their playing eleven to the Umpires before the toss in each match which cannot be altered without the consent of the rival Captain. They may be asked by the Organizers to produce KCCA Player ID Cards at any time during or after a match. Players whose names have been submitted before the toss, as above can participate in a Match at any stage, whether they have batted or fielded earlier or not, in any innings.

c) For a fielder leaving the field for more than 30 minutes, he cannot bowl until he has returned and been on the field for the same duration. For a fielder having left or being absent from the field for 8 minutes or less, he may bowl at once. The above restrictions do not apply to players arriving late for the start of the play or at start of a fresh day’s play. 5. All the Matches shall be governed under the latest MCC laws of Cricket (Code 2000) including the ICC experimental laws as sanctioned by PCB and enforced by KCCA, from time to time.

6. New ball may be taken after 80 overs on turf wickets and 50 overs on matting or cement wicket, each over shall consist of six balls. The Tournament Secretary/KCCA Umpiring Committee shall nominate Umpires for all the matches as provided in Tournament instructions issued by KCCA. In the event of an official Umpire failing to turn-up at the scheduled time, the captains of the teams concerned shall appoint other Umpires or Umpire with mutual consent. In case of disagreement, the Tournament Secretary or his representative may appoint the Umpires as the case may be. No match shall be postponed due to absence of the officials Umpire or Umpires, otherwise both the teams may be liable to lose all points from the League Match or scratched from a knockout match, as the case may be.

7. Any team wishing to lodge a protest against the opponents may do so within 24 hours from the finish of the match to the Tournament Secretary in writing alongwith the protest fee of Rs.1,000/- in cash, refundable only if the protest is upheld, or permitted by the Tournament Committee. No protest shall be entertained without the protest fee or on the decision of the Umpire/Umpires. The Tournament Committee shall also be empowered to take action Suo moto if found to have included an un-registered player in its match, even after 24 hours time limit without protest. In such cases, the opponent team may not get any benefit. Any team, walking out from the field or refusing to continue the match against the decision of the Umpire/Umpires or any other reason, is liable to be scratched. However, Captain, of the participating teams may submit confidential reports on umpires after each Match to the Tournament Secretary.

8. The date, time and ground fixed by respective Tournament Secretary for various Matches shall not be changed until and unless the Tournament Secretary deems it very essential. Atleast 48 hours notice either through prominent newspaper i.e. Dawn, The News, Express or Jang. or in writing shall be given to each team, as far as possible. The teams concerned shall have to adhere to the date, time and ground fixed for the match by the Tournament Secretary. In case any team does not wish to play on a particular date, it has to apply to Tournament Secretary in advance to consider such request if it does not hamper with the Tournament programs. Private Tournament Programs have to be adjusted after giving first preference to official Tournaments.

9. The matches shall be played on turf, matting, cement or earth wicket in this order of preference subject to the availability and condition of the ground. The teams having their own grounds may not necessarily be given Matches at their own grounds. They should make available their grounds for the official league and Knock-out matches, as far as possible. However, the Tournament Committee will welcome if any team arrange turf wicket ground for its own matches at its own expenses.

10. Teams shall be responsible for the proper protection and maintenance of their grounds during the Matches. Teams shall also be responsible for the good conduct and discipline of their players and their supporters and disobedience shall be considered as an act of gross misconduct and teams are liable to disciplinary action. All occurrences shall also be reported to Executive Council of KCCA for further action.

11. If any team fails to turn up at the ground within 30 minutes of the scheduled time of a match, it shall be considered to have given a walk-over subject to the approval of the Tournament Committee. A team cannot toss or field with less than 7 bonafide players present at the ground Otherwise, it shall be considered to have given a walk-over to the other team.

12. No decision of the Tournament Committee can be challenged in any Court of Law. Only the Executive Council of KCCA shall be competent to hear an appeal.

13. No team can leave the field or withdraw from a match for any reason without the permission of the Umpires. Infringement on this instruction might cause disciplinary action against the defaulting team and match may be awarded to the other team. The match may be played on any day during the week.

14. The teams are responsible for the proper recording of runs, wickets etc, on the score book. The Umpires shall forward the result of each match on the prescribed score sheet to the Tournament Secretary at the KCCA/Zonal Office, as the case may be.

15. Any attempt to crush the game or the stroke play by any team adopting questionable tactics, shall be considered as an unfair act. The persistent bowling of fast short pitched balls or deliberate negative bowling i.e. wide away from the stumps by bowler is unfair. If in the opinion of the Umpires, it constitutes a systematic attempt to deprive the batsman from playing the ball properly, the Umpire at bowler’s end must adopt the following procedure:

a) When they decide that such bowling is becoming persistent, the Umpire at the bowler’s end should forthwith warn the bowler.

b) If this warning proves ineffective, he shall warn the captain of the fielding side to what has happened.

c) Should the above also prove ineffective, the Umpire at the bowler’s end must take following action:

i) At the repetition call “Dead Ball” when the over is regarded as completed, which shall not be counted in the quota of overs of the batting side.

ii) Direct the Captain of the fielding side to take the bowler off forthwith. The Captain shall take the bowler off, as directed, without hesitation, otherwise the match will be awarded to the other team.

iii) A bowler who has been taken off as above will not be allowed to bowl again during the same innings.

iv) Report the incidence to the Tournament Committee after the close of play. The Tournament Committee may take further disciplinary action against such bowler for future matches.

16. In order to avoid negative bowling, the following maximum limit of fielders shall be imposed in addition to the existing rules, in the limited over matches of the Tournaments:

a) On Side: Maximum 5 fielders not more than 2 fielders behind the popping crease.

b) Penalty: Free hit after a front foot No Ball, a penalty of one run for a wide and No Ball.

c) Substitutes as runner: No runner will be allowed for a batsman when batsman is batting in any reason.

d) Power Play:-

i) Power Play overs shall apply for 15 overs per inning.

ii) The first block of Power Play 10 Overs

iii) Should the batting side choose not to exercise their discreation, their Powerplay Overs will be automatically commence at the latest available point in the innings (e.g. in a 50 over inning with one unclaimed powerplay, this will begin ta the start of the 36th over).


f) Restriction on the placement of fieldsmen:

i) During the first power play overs, 7 fieldsmen must be permitted inside the circle.

ii) During the second power play, only 6 fields men must be in the circle.

iii)At the instant of delivery, there may not be more than 5 fields men on the leg side.

iv)Before the start of any official final organized by KCCA or its Zones, there must be one reserve umpire and match referee, other than two umpires in the field.

v) In order to encourage fast bowlers, each team has to use first 10 Over from fast bowlers for taking at least 12 strides/steps, during the inning in the match,

vi) If the ball passes either side of the wicket sufficiently wide to make it virtually impossible for the striker to play a normal cricket stroke from where he should normally be standing at the crease, or if the ball passes or would have passed above the shoulder height of the striker standing in a normal batting stance at the crease, the umpire should call and signal “Wide”.

vii) Each side shall be allowed to bat for a maximum of 50 overs, each over consisting of 6 balls. The result shall be determined by higher number of runs scored by any team in the allotted overs. In order to start the match at 9.30 a.m., the team must reach the ground by 9.00 a.m. Team failing to submit the names by 9.15 a.m. may lose its allotted overs at the rate of one over for each 5 minutes lost. If both teams arrive late then the number of overs shall be reduced proportionately but no match can be reduced to less than 40 overs. In the event of Tie in League matches, points will be shared. But in case of a tie match in knock-out Tournaments, the team losing lesser number of wickets will be declared as the winner. In case both sides have lost equal number of wickets, then the match will be decided on faster run rate in 50% of the stipulated overs i.e. 25 overs in a 50 over match, 23 overs in a 45 match, 20 overs in a 40 overs match etc.

viii ) If a match is interrupted by weather or any other factor, the same may be continued on cement wickets within 3 days from the stage it was interrupted. For turf wickets if a match is not completed on a single day the team with higher score in 50% of the stipulated overs will be declared as the winners. The match will be extended if 50% prescribed overs of the other side are not completed and continued till completion of 50% stipulated overs on the same day Otherwise the match will be replayed.

The points in League matches shall be awarded as under:-


ix) The League matches shall be played on the basis of promotion and demotion system. Two bottom team of “A” Division League shall be demoted in “B” Division and two top teams (the finalists of “B” Division League) shall be promoted to“A”Division. It will be effective for the season 2015-16.

If two or more teams secure equal points in the same Group, the team securing more runs per wicket ratio in all its pool matches shall be the leader.

17. Special Regulation for Inter Departmental League/Knock-out Tournament:-

i) Same points system of KCCA League shall be applicable.

ii) No cricketer other than its bonafide/contracted employee, posted and based at Karachi, and registered with KCCA under KCCA Rules, can play for the respective Departmental Team.

iii) A bonafide or contracted employee may play for his Department team in the Inter-Departmental tournament, with KCCA Identity Card. However, a player can play for only one team for either his Departmental or Private club in the same Tournament.

iv) The Department team infringing is brought to the notice of the Tournament Committee.

The KCCA Tournament Committee shall have powers to amend, add or remove any ambiguity in these rules at any stage in order to facilitate the smooth running of the Tournament.