Late Muhammad Essa E.H. Jaffer popularly known as
The longest serving Honarary Secretary of KCA / KCCA.
Pioneers of Karachi Cricket

Muhammad Essa E.H. Jaffer was born on October 23, 1922 in Poona, Bombay
and he was educated at Anglo High School Poona (Bombay)


Muhammad Essa E.H. Jaffer was a very keen cricketer who excelled in Wicket-keeping.Before partition, he played for his District as well as for his Province till he migrated to Pakistan on 9th October, 1947. Soon after migration Essa Jaffer started his cricket activities in Karachi both as an active cricketer as well as an organizer. Soon after the then association KCA recognized his organizational qualities and elected him in its Managing Committee in 1950-51.

Mr. Saeed Ahmed Khan the then Secretary was transferred as D.I.G, Bahwalpur.So Mr. Essa Jaffer was made Honrary Secretary in his place in 1952.At that time. Mr. A.T. Naqvi, the Chief Commissioner of Karachi was the then President of KCA. Mr. Essa Jaffer continued to be elected as Secretary till he decided to say good-by and retired in 1981, After serving Karachi cricket meritoriously for over 30 years. In recognition of his services, KCCA elected him as its Honoary Life Vice President and he continued to hold this place till his death on August 6, 1992. He was endowed with gifted qualities of Head and Heart and motivated his colleagues in KCCA to dedicate themselves for the services of the game. He was a model cricket administrator for others to emulate as a legend. He provided stability and continuity to cricket setup in Karachi which has made KCCA the premier cricket association of Pakistan.

Essa Jaffer’s contribution to cricket was also acknowledged by BCCP who made him its Honrary Life Member.